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I ordered 3 Stainless Umbrella Sleeves yesterday, and they are already sitting on my desk:) I opened box and everything looks good from what I can see. Thank you guys so much for putting such a durable product together and shipping out so fast! I will let you know after installation my thoughts!! Thanks
Bryan Batts
Great company and great people to work with. We've used these folks for our WVB equipment since our club was organized 5 years ago. We use 2 nets 4 times a week 204 times a year with around 40 members playing. Excellent equipment and support from this company.
Gary Cotten
Great volleyball equipment. I have purchased the poles, nets & balls for the past 19 years. I am only on my 3rd net and I hardly ever take them down. The poles are original and will last forever. These are quality pool products.
Richard & Susan
Needed a high quality volleyball net in time for a Memorial Day swim party. I ordered the net and received it in three days (without paying the expedited shipping fees :)). Very happy with the quality of the net and service. Thanks!
I bought my pool volleyball system from Cool Pool Products in 2003, and have loved it. The stainless steel poles have not rusted or discolored, despite the fact that I live on a bay with constant salt and sun. I am just now, 12 years later, buying my first replacement net. Everything is made of first class materials that last. Three cheers to quality workmanship! Andy & Daphne, Alabama
Andy and Daphne
You provide a quality product at a reasonable price, which is why after 11 years, I can still order this great volleyball system...
We purchased a pool along with your volleyball system in 2005. Your product is fantastic and has held up very well over the last 11 years. Now my dilemma, we are moving to a new house and have just placed an order for our exact same pool. It is the perfect pool for volleyball, with the deepest part in the middle (sport pool). It is basically a 12’ x 24’ pool with 3’ end caps. Back in 2005, you sold a 12’ net which is exactly what I need. I am about order your volleyball system, but would like to know if I can get it with a 12’ net.

Yes Pete, give us a call and we will get you setup with a custom volleyball net!
Just want to let you know the system arrived sometime last week and made for a ton of fun all weekend. Very nice, quality system! Best regards