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Commercial grade Deck-Mounted Pool Volleyball Sets and replacement nets. Available in different sizes to fit your pool. Mounts cleanly to your pool deck. Specializing in custom volleyball sets and nets.
Will this Volleyball Set fit in my deck?

The Cool-Pool Volleyball set is designed to adapt to the pool owners deck that has a pre-existing hole already installed. The pole has a 1-1/2″ outside diameter, so if you have a straight sleeved hole you can simply drop the pole into the deck and string your net.

I have holes installed in my deck but they are threaded.

If your pre-drilled holes are threaded, our sets come with a stainless steel deck adapter that will fit a 1-1/2″ threaded hole. This will enable your poles to be installed and stay firmly in place.

I dont have any holes drilled in my deck, will your set work for me?

The CoolPool deck mounted volleyball system is designed to be installed directly into your pool deck. If you do not have inserts in your deck then this system will not work for your pool. You can contact your favorite pool builder and ask that they “core drill” inserts into your deck.

What do you mean “core drill”?

Core drilling is a means of drilling a hole into concrete. Your builder may ask you what size hole you will need core drilled. The outside diameter of the deck insert is 2-1/8” so a 3” to 3-1/2” hole would be adequate. After the hole has been cored drilled, you can set your new deck inserts in place using several different methods. The most common means of setting the deck inserts in place is by using concrete. Epoxy or other materials have worked as well. We strongly recommend that you get this advice from your pool builder.

What is the purpose of the stretch cord that I see on my pole?
With every complete volleyball set you will receive a 4” ball bungee. As you hang your new net on the support poles, snap one end to the eye hook on one pole but on the other pole stretch the cord out and snap the net directly to the ball bungee.
This will allow the following.

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How long are your nets?
Our volleyball nets are available in lengths of 13-1/2 ft, 15 ft, 18ft, and 20ft The size of the volleyball net reflects the actual body or meshed area of the net. There is an additional 2-1/2 ft. of tie-off rope on either side of the net allowing you to reach the support poles.
How will I know what size I will need to order?

Typically you should measure from the waters edge of one side of your pool to the waters edge of the other side. When you order your set or replacement net, try to order a size that will cover as much of the wet area as possible yet still leaving enough room to reach the support poles.

Hey, wait a minute, I have a raised deck. What do I do now?

If you have a raised deck or wall on one side of your pool, you may need to have poles custom made for your particular pool. Not a problem. Contact us with your special application and sizes and we will be happy help you.

Will my poles rust in the water?

No. We supply heavy duty stainless steel poles that do not rust in water.

I have measured my pool and your standard sizes will not fit. What can I do now?

We can custom make you a net or set that will fit perfectly. Contact Us with your requirements and we will respond to you regarding the production of your new volleyball set.

How much does all of this cost?
Ordering and detailed pricing information can be found on our secure order form with no obligation to purchase, just browse until you find what you are looking for. If you do not find what you are looking for, simply Contact us with your custom request.
Where can I get replacement parts?
Should you loose or damage any or all components of this set we will be happy to supply you with replacement parts. Please look at the order page of this web site.
We are pleased to provide you with this information and hopefully you will have found it helpful in determining which or our pool volleyball sets will work best for you. We hope our products will give you years of enjoyment!