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Frequently Asked Pool Volleyball Questions

Printable Installation Directions

Commercial grade Deck-Mounted Pool Volleyball Sets and replacement nets. Manufacturing in different sizes to fit your pool. Mounts cleanly to your pool deck. Specializing in custom volleyball sets and nets. 

Choosing the right size Volleyball Net.

The best way to choose the correct size volleyball system is to measure the pool area that you would like the volleyball net to be played, then measure from waters edge to waters edge. Our volleyball nets are sized based on the body of the net or the meshed area. We have 4 stock sizes. 13-1/2 ft., 15 ft., 18 ft. and 20 ft. wide. You will want to choose a net that comes closest to covering the area of play. Our volleyball nets will come with approximately 24″ of cord on each corner to enable “tie-off” to your supports. Let us know if one of these sizes is not going to fit your pool and we can help you with a custom size net.

What size deck sleeves are required to support the Cool Pool Products volleyball system?

The pool volleyball sleeves that will be installed into your decking or pool must be able to receive our 1.5″ OD (outside diameter) stainless steel poles. If you are using our Cool Pool Products volleyball Sleeves, the volleyball poles will slide into the sleeves giving you a perfect fit. When your volleyball game is not in play, simply remove the supports from the sleeve and cap them with our custom flush mount stainless steel caps.

What are the dimensions of the Cool Pool Volleyball Sleeves?

The Cool Pool Volleyball Sleeves are 6″ tall, 2″ outside diameter, 1.5″ inside diameter and 5.5″ deep. They are threaded at the inner top side to receive our our stainless steel cap. They can be ordered in polymer or 303 grade stainless steel. Both will come with our custom flush mount stainless steel cap.

How to use the Cool Pool Volleyball System if you have a raised wall or a tanning ledge on your pool.

If you have a raised wall, water feature or a tanning ledge that is preventing you from having a “level” playing area, you will need to contact us so we can help you with a “custom volleyball system”. We will need to know how high the raised wall is (from the top of the coping) and/or how low the floor of the pool is on the tanning ledge (to the top of the coping). Helping our customers with custom work is common. Give us a call, we are happy to help.