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Adjustable Custom Pool Volleyball System


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Not all swimming pools are built the same!

Not all pool volleyball players are built the same!

You may need a Pool Volleyball System that will “adjust” to the requirements of the pool and the player’s needs!  Coolpoolproducts has introduced the solution! The NEW Adjustable Volleyball System will allow you to easily change the height of the net within seconds. Simply release the tension on from the eye hook to the adjustable collar and slide the net into the new position. Its just that quick and easy.


Why do you need the adjustable system?

–       Pools range from 4 to 6 ft. at the challenging center net area, you may want to make adjustments!

–       Who is playing Pool Volleyball today? If it’s your younger crowd, lower the net and make it easier for them to enjoy the game.

–       If your players are an older Volleyball Player looking for a challenge, raise the game!


               “Hang it tight! Play Hard!”



System Includes:

(2) 55“ Polished Steel Supports   (10” taller than our standard system)

(4) Powder Coated Adjustable Collars

(1) Professional Grade Volleyball Net – Choose your size 13.5’, 15’, 18’, 20’

(2) Stretch Cord Systems – for upper and lower of net

(2) Precision Made Stainless Steel Deck Inserts. – Choose with or without the system.

(1) Official Water Volleyball