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8″ Umbrella Sleeve (for 1.5″ OD Umbrellas)


Our patented Poly-8 Umbrella Sleeve, Umbrella Adapter and Stainless Steel Cap has been precision machined to give you maximum strength and life.

The Poly-8 Umbrella Sleeve consists of a 6″ Polymer insert which will be imbedded into your decking or pool. The 2″ Umbrella Adapter and flush mount cap is machined from 303 grade stainless steel.

Our Polymer Umbrella Sleeve is constructed from Acetal and resistant to chlorine, saltwater, high heat and cold. (-40 °C to 120 °C). This is a very resilient industrial grade product!

The Poly-8 is perfect for pool and patio renovation as well as new pool or patio construction as there is no need for bonding to your pool.

The Poly-8 Umbrella Sleeve is designed to receive any patio umbrella with a 1.5” pole diameter.  The tight tolerance of your new Umbrella Sleeve enables a clean fit, keeping your umbrellas straight and secure.

Simply drop your umbrella into the sleeve and tighten the adapter.  Now your umbrella will stay in place when the winds might normally lift your umbrella away. When your Poly-8 umbrella sleeve is not in use, the custom stainless-steel caps (included) will seat flush to your pool deck.


Material: Acetal
Dimensions: 8” tall, 2” OD, 1.5” ID.
US Patent 11,199,018 B2

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