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6″ Precision Machined Stainless Deck Insert w/ Cap


New 6” Stainless Steel Volleyball Sleeve with Stainless Steel Cap

The new Volleyball Deck Insert and cap has been precision machined from 303 stainless steel to give you maximum strength and life.

The SSDI-01/6 is designed to receive our 1.5” OD stainless steel pool volleyball supports or any deck umbrella with a 1.5” pole.  The tight tolerance of your new deck insert enables you a clean fit, keeping your volleyball supports or umbrellas straight and upright and without side to side movement.

When the deck insert is set in place, the custom stainless steel cap (included)will seat flush to your pool decking

This is a heavy duty piece of hardware!

Dimensions: 6” tall , 2”outside, 1.5” inside.